Recently this résumé has been less actively maintained. But let me try to keep it sync'ed :)

May 2024

Wentao’s résumé

  • Based on the great template by sb2nov (licensed under MIT)
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Build from source

0. Common options and targets


make clean

Be verbose:

make V=1

TODO (May 2024) Let me actually rework the build system and switch to texlive/texlive.

1. Without latexmk installed

Optionally, pull the Docker image in a separate step (privilege needed):

docker pull blang/latex:latest

Build (privilege needed):


2. With latexmk installed (say, inside a container during CI)


Boring fact

You may have spotted, there is a version notice at the footnote, which reads something like:

Revised in March 2022 (a694d61). Please check https://wentao.systems/resume/ for the online version with possible updates.

The funnyboring part is, this is generated at compile time, and the placeholders in the original document are January 1970 and deadbeef, respectively. Well, sounds like bad jokes told by some computer weirdos…

In rare cases, that is, when you really want to include the two phrases in other parts of the text, the joke will then become a concern. The author just won’t take care of that and you may work around it by improving the Makefile :)